I am trying to use sshfs to mount a remote file system. All the guides I can find online say I need to add myself to the fuse group but when I run

sudo gpasswd -a $USER fuse 

I get

gpasswd: group 'fuse' does not exist in /etc/group

however when I run:

sudo apt-get install fuse

I get

fuse is already the newest version.

I am using a relatively new install of Ubuntu 15.10 on 64 bit.

Thanks for any help


Based on my experiments, explicitly creating the fuse group and adding your user to it is NOT required to mount ssh file system.

To summarize, here are the steps copied from this page:

  1. install sshfs
$ sudo apt-get install sshfs
[sudo] password for johndoe: 
Reading package lists... Done
Setting up sshfs (2.5-1ubuntu1) ...
  1. Create local mount point

$ mkdir /home/johndoe/sshfs-path/

  1. Mount remote folder /remote/path to /home/johndoe/sshfs-path/

$ sshfs remoteuser@111.222.333.444:/remote/path /home/johndoe/sshfs-path/

  1. And finally, to umount ...

$ fusermount -u /home/johndoe/sshfs-path/


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