I need to use different pip config files depending on which project I'm currently working on. Each project pulls from a separate pypi repo and needs its own block in my .pip/pip.conf file

    timeout = 60
    index-url = <my_custom_pypi_repo>

Is there a way to provide a pip.conf file on a virtualenv specific basis?

Ideally when I run

 workon env1
 pip install env1_package

It would only try and download from the env1 config file

And similar for env2 Ideally when I run

 workon env2
 pip install env2_package

I would like it to not request this package from the env1 pypi server.

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Found this after I had posted the question:



You will need to set:


It will still inherit from:


But will allow it to be overwritten for each environment.

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    Note that as @sql_knievel states, on Windows the file needs to be called pip.ini instead of pip.conf.
    – florisla
    Oct 13, 2021 at 13:44

Just to update the answer here with the latest from the pip documentation:

Inside a virtualenv:

  • On Unix and macOS the file is $VIRTUAL_ENV/pip.conf

  • On Windows the file is: %VIRTUAL_ENV%\pip.ini

The $VIRTUAL_ENV environment variable gets set once you've activated the particular virtual environment you're interested in.

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