I am in the process of submitting an iPhone app to the App Store. While making the final touches to the app I was in the process of compiling and running the app on my iPhone when I got this message:

There was an internal API error.

The console had this to say:

25/08/2010 10:10:54 Xcode[3556] Failed willExecute: Error Domain=com.apple.platform.iphoneos Code=0 UserInfo=0x2011adec0 "There was an internal API error." -- {
    NSLocalizedDescription = "There was an internal API error.";
    NSLocalizedFailureReason = "";
    NSLocalizedRecoverySuggestion = "";

The problem is specific to this project, others projects don't suffer the same problem. The same problem exhibits when moved to another machine, or another mobile device is swapped in.

I should be most grateful for any hints or ideas on the subject.

  • Would this happen right at the beginning or when the app has run for some time already? – Toastor Aug 25 '10 at 10:01

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I had the same problem on Xcode 4.5 beta 4 when I've tried to run an app which was already installed on my iOS device. You could try to remove your app from device and make sure you are using Developer profile for signing.

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    Same here. Are we doing something wrong or is it a problem with the beta? – Kyle Clegg Aug 20 '12 at 14:56
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    After looking further I think it's iOS 6, not xCode. I found that I can install multiples times on an iOS 5.1 device from xCode 4.5, but doing so on my iOS 6 device causes the internal server error. – Kyle Clegg Aug 20 '12 at 20:54
  • Same here. Updated Xcode preview to debug on a device with the latest-beta iOS 6. Deleting the app worked. – Nicolas Miari Aug 31 '12 at 9:43

Aha! Thank heavens for subversion. Through comparison with a working version I found out that an offending 'UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities' in my info.plist was at fault. A little figure digging showed it had to be an Array or Dictionary, and not a string as was my case. Setting it thusly ...


.. solved the problem.

@Toastor, this happened during the deployment process, even before the app went down the wire to the device.

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    This was my problem as well, in my case I had deleted the "armv7" string in that array, after I added that it worked fine. – Chris Aug 6 '12 at 23:21
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    Yah! Solved problem to me too that I move <string> "armv7" from <array> to root <dict> everything goes fine. – Takol Aug 27 '12 at 3:54
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    This didn't solve my problem. For me, this error keeps popping up only on one device, leading to thinking that there is a problem with that device only, the others work fine. So, no problems in build settings or whatsoever. – SarpErdag Nov 22 '13 at 9:26
  • @Takol: Can you provide the code? – Kaptain Aug 26 '15 at 6:53

my problem was using a distribution profile, forgot to change back to a developer profile and that was what caused the internal api error. hope it helps someone

  • This solved it for me, thanks. – user470763 Jul 26 '12 at 17:39

I had the same issue. My case was an iPhone that was used for the first time on the laptop. I fixed it by opening the project in XCode with the iPhone plugged in. Xcode will then say "Processing symbol files". When finished, deploying on iPhone worked from within the QT Creator.

  • same thing here, I had never synced the device with iTunes. – Alberto M Feb 27 '18 at 8:50


States that you need to change project name to an english name

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    Provide brief answer here. – Raúl Mar 2 '16 at 9:50
  • More information: my project name was in Chinese and had been working fine for years. But apparently recent versions of Xcode changed something (I'm using 7.1.1). Now a project name with Chinese characters won't install on a phone, although it runs fine in the emulator. I had to change the project name to something that contained only Roman letters. Even one Chinese character caused it to fail. – Matthew Exon May 14 '16 at 7:57

I had the same problem, and it worked when I removed the app from my phone and Built and Run again. I'm guessing you might have tested a build from a different branch and then tried to switch back to yours.


I deal with same problem, but because of manually deleting "Application/Myapp" folder. I copied back the files and uninstall it. Then I tried to run it using Xcode. Now every things is OK.


I had this problem as well - the problem turned out to be in the entitlements. I had get-task-allow set to NO instead of to YES. Once this was set properly everything worked again.


1.Check your project's Info.plis document code (not table list--open as source code ).There may be configuration error.

2.I solve the problem by this way : Create a new project , Compare the Info.plis code, and fix the old one .

that works for me ..


You need to register the device from Xcode.

General -> Signing -> Register.


I had it when removing a day extension / widget and forgetting to remove the Embed App Extensions item where the extesion is listed as plug-in


I had the same issue when I tried running my project from a different Mac than it was created.

My issue was in the info.plist file. We were only able to figure it out after recreating the project from scratch and adding one file at a time and trying to debug it.

Replaced the following the info file:

  1. CFBundleDevelopmentRegion Language en name with $(DEVELOPMENT_LANGUAGE)
  2. CFBundleExecutable Name with $(EXECUTABLE_NAME)
  3. CFBundleName Name with placeholder $(PRODUCT_NAME)



Screenshot of Diff file


As explained in another post with the same problem, it sounds crazy but you can also not use the Beta version of Xcode 4. However, you must keep it in your left hand to authorize your iPhone to compile with the non Beta version (don't ask me why, it works).

If you run your app with Xcode 4.5 preview & iOS 6 Beta 4, the second time you run your app on the device, you'll get the internal API error.

In theory, you cannot use Xcode 4.4 to compile on your iOS6 Beta 4 iPhone.


It seems that, if you launch Xcode 4.5 Preview, connect your iPhone (so it is recognized), run the application on it (even if you get the error), quit Xcode 4.5, launch Xcode 4.4 and .. tadaaaa... your iPhone is now recognized as an authorized device to compile on...

And of course, Xcode 4.4 doesn't generate the API error...

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