I am new to Amazon Web Services. I am trying to use the CLI that i have configured on my instance. I am trying to use many commands, but getting the following Error:

aws glacier create-vault --vault-name my-vault --account-id -"Invalid endpoint: https://glacier.US East (N. Virginia).amazonaws.com 

Please help me in resolving the issue.

Invalid endpoint: https://glacier.US East (N. Virginia).amazonaws.com

From the error message, it looks like you have specified an invalid region US East (N. Virginia) in your CLI configuration. Instead specify us-east-1. Check your ~/.aws/config or environment vars or wherever you are setting the region. Set your region to:

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    Note that environment variables override options set under ~/.aws (by aws configure, etc.), so if $AWS_DEFAULT_REGION is set, make sure it's set correctly. – Mike Conigliaro Jul 13 '17 at 15:31
  • You can also re-run aws configure and for the Default region name provide a string that matches the format [country]-[region]-[number]. For example: "us-east-1" without quotes. – Franke Sep 9 '17 at 20:51

On C:\Users\username\.aws\config, Change your region from US East (N. Virginia) to


region = us-east-1

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Their is problem in your End-point please find your respective End points here.

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Delete your .aws file and add aws configuration again. Default path of .aws will be under /Users//.aws 1. rm -rf /Users//.aws 2. aws configure

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I was facing the similar kind of issue.

  1. Please change your default region to us-east-1 by running the aws configure command.

  2. You probably might forgot to switch to root user while access your EC2 instance from SSH console.

Please run the command sudo su to switch to root user.

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You probably have a lot of credentials already configured that is making the terminal confused. I have a very short fix to this. Go to your aws hidden folder which you can find with [shift + command + .] when on your finders folder (if you are using MAC). Open the aws hidden file and clear all the credential and config. This will return your "aws configure" to default and that will resolve the error.

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