For some reason, I keep getting duplicates on a lot of the contacts that I'm able to access with my code. Any reason why?

var error: Unmanaged<CFError>?
addressBook = ABAddressBookCreateWithOptions(nil, &error).takeRetainedValue()

   if let people = ABAddressBookCopyArrayOfAllPeopleInSourceWithSortOrdering(self.addressBook, nil, ABPersonSortOrdering(kABPersonSortByFirstName)).takeRetainedValue() as? NSArray {
        for record in people {
            //var contactPerson: ABRecordRef = record
            var contactName: String = ABRecordCopyCompositeName(record).takeRetainedValue() as String

            var number = ""

            var phones: ABMultiValueRef = ABRecordCopyValue(record, kABPersonPhoneProperty).takeRetainedValue()

            for j in 0..<ABMultiValueGetCount(phones) {
                number = ABMultiValueCopyValueAtIndex(phones, j).takeRetainedValue() as! String

            if (number != "") {
                var newPerson = personInfo(name: contactName, number: number)


James Richards Please Use the Contacts frame work instead of using address book.

First you shoud add Contacts framework through Build Phases->Link Binary with Libraries->add(click +)->choose contacts framework

import Contacts 


let status = CNContactStore.authorizationStatusForEntityType(.Contacts)
if status == .Denied || status == .Restricted {
        // user previously denied, so tell them to fix that in settings

// open it

let store = CNContactStore()
store.requestAccessForEntityType(.Contacts) { granted, error in
        guard granted else {
            dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue()) {
                // user didn't grant authorization, so tell them to fix that in settings

// get the contacts

var contacts = [CNContact]()
let request = CNContactFetchRequest(keysToFetch:[CNContactIdentifierKey, CNContactFormatter.descriptorForRequiredKeysForStyle(.FullName)])
   do {
      try store.enumerateContactsWithFetchRequest(request) { contact, stop in
   catch {

        // do something with the contacts array (e.g. print the names)

        let formatter = CNContactFormatter()
        formatter.style = .FullName
        for contact in contacts {

The Output Results

Optional("John Appleseed")
Optional("Kate Bell")
Optional("Anna Haro")
Optional("Daniel Higgins Jr.")
Optional("David Taylor")
Optional("Hank M. Zakroff")

Link 1

Apple Document


  • Unfortunately I need to make the app compatible with iOS 8 as well – James Richards Feb 27 '16 at 21:18

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