I have imageNames like wange/25011.jpg|wange/25011-1.jpg or null, I want to split them to wange/25011.jpg and wange/25011-1.jpg, or no split if null. I tried code as below, but no work...

<td th:if="${brickset.imageNames} != null"  th:each="image : ${#strings.arraySplit(brickset.imageNames, '|')}">
    <a href="#" th:href="${imageBaseUrl + image}">
        <img src="#" th:src="${imageBaseUrl + image}" height="64"/>
  • I got answer by myself. – mikezang Feb 28 '16 at 3:54
  • Could your please add an answer to tell us what you did to resolve your issue ? – David H. Feb 29 '16 at 10:36
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Here is my own answer:

<tbody id="portfolio" class="clear fix">
  <tr th:each="brickset : ${bricksets}" th:alt="${brickset.description}">
      <div th:unless="${brickset.imageNames == null}">
        <div th:each="image,status : ${#strings.arraySplit(brickset.imageNames, '|')}">
          <a href="#" th:href="${imageBaseUrl + image}" th:remove="${image} == null ? tag" th:title="${brickset.brand.name}">
            <img src="#" th:src="${imageBaseUrl + image}" height="64" th:remove="${status.index} > 0 ? tag"/>

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