In PyCharm's Python console, how can I page up or down in the output using only the keyboard? The page up/down keys have no effect, neither do the other bindings I have (ctrl-v/meta-v). Up and down arrows, of course, just go through my command history, they do not scroll the window. Scrolling with the mouse works, but I would love not to have to reach for the rat. Thanks!

OS X 10.11.3, PyCharm 5.0.4, Python 2.7.10 with IPython 4.1.1 in the console

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JetBrains says, "Unfortunately it's not possible to scroll console output without mouse." I filed an enhancement request to add keyboard scrolling in the Python console.

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    Thank you. But unfortunately this hasn't been enhanced yet. Commented May 2, 2017 at 11:18

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