I've used the arrow to draw a vertical line and I would like to title it so it's shown in the key. Is there a way to do it? As far as I can tell for the manual, there's no title option in the syntaxis for arrow, but I'm sure there's a workaround.

The only thing I think of is drawing the arrow with the same color as something outside the plot range and use its title, but it's rather clumsy.

I'm using the terminal pngcairo, just in case it's relevant.

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Gnuplot will ignore anything with an invalid value (1/0 for instance). You can take advantage of this to plot what you want.

Suppose that we set a vertical line with

set arrow from 1,graph 0 to 1,graph 1 nohead lt 0

Now, if I want this to be in the key, I can just plot a line with lt 0 but specify the y-value as 1/0. This will insert it in the key, but will not actually draw the line.

plot [-3:3] x**2 t "X Squared", 1/0 t "Vertical Line" lt 0

enter image description here


You can plot something with vectors, which will give a title in the key. It plots arrows based on data points. The using statement is x:yxy where the tail is positioned at (x, y) and the head is at (xx, yy). For a vertical line, you can turn off the arrow head and use Δx of zero:

set terminal pngcairo dashed
set output 'plot.png'

set angles degrees
set xrange [0:360]
set yrange [-2:2]

plot sin(x), '-' using 1:(-2):(0):(4) with vectors nohead lc rgb 'black' title '90 degrees'

Result of gnuplot script

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