I'm looking for a feasible way to get the length of cursor got from MongoDB.



Counts the number of documents referenced by a cursor. Append the count() method to a find() query to return the number of matching documents. The operation does not perform the query but instead counts the results that would be returned by the query.



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    cursor.count() is deprecated since pymongo 3.7. See my answer. – Jérôme Jan 11 at 13:32

According to the pymongo documentation, a Pymongo cursor, has a count method:


By default this method returns the total length of the cursor, for example:


If you call this method with with_limit_and_skip=True, the returned value takes limit and skip queries into account. For example, the following query will return 5 (assuming you have more than 5 documents):

  • cursor.count() is deprecated since pymongo 3.7. See my answer. – Jérôme Jan 11 at 13:33

I find that using cursor.iter().count() is a feasible way to reslove this problem


The cursor.count method is deprecated since pymongo 3.7.

The recommended method is to use the count_documents method of the collection.

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