Specifically for Twisted, I would like to be able to determine whether the server I am connected to supports active or passive mode. See API.

If somebody could explain or give example in FTP protocol how you can determine whether the server supports active or passive modes.

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Passive mode is enabled by issuing the PASV command to the server. If it responds with an error code (should be 500 Unknown command) upon issuing that command, then you know that it is not supported. If it responds with a 227 Entering Passive Mode, then you know that passive is supported.

Example using command line telnet and FTP commands:

% telnet ftp.mozilla.org 21
Connected to dm-ftp01.mozilla.org.
Escape character is '^]'.
220-  [greeting omitted]
USER anonymous
331 Please specify the password.
PASS jathanism@
230-  [banner omitted]
230 Login successful.

Good command (passive mode is supported):

227 Entering Passive Mode (63,245,208,138,202,53)

Bad command (500 error thrown):

500 Unknown command.
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    In a successful PASV reply, only the response code is standardized (always 227), but the text containing the IP/Port is not standardized. It differs from one FTP server vendor to another. Not all vendors say "Entering Passive Mode", not all vendors wrap the IP/Port in parenthesis, some vendors put the IP/Port at the start of the text whereas other vendors put it at the end of the text, etc. You have to scan the text looking for the IP/Port, you can't make any assumptions about its formatting. This is discussed in RFC 1123 Section – Remy Lebeau Dec 31 '13 at 18:57

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