I have an array like this:

array = ['john', 'jennifer', 'kristen', 'ted']

I would like to convert it to an array of arrays of k elements, for k = 2 the result should be:

[['john', 'jennifer'], ['kristen', 'ted']]

Is it possible to do so in one line?

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    This is covered in the documentation for Enumerable. It's a really good habit to read through a language's documentation a couple times to become familiar with what's available. Each time through you'll learn more. – the Tin Man Feb 29 '16 at 21:03

each_slice might help:

#=> [["john", "jennifer"], ["kristen", "ted"]]
  • @Stefan, thank you - I need to learn to link to the API docs. – eugen Feb 29 '16 at 13:54

If you want to create two arrays from one with a predicate (an expression which evaluates to either true or false), I would recommend partition

array.partition{ |name| name[0] == 'j' }
#=> [["john", "jennifer"], ["kristen", "ted"]]

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