minifyify (the Browserify plugin) makes use of uglify-js but appears to be unable to handle Conditional compilation:

  • compression works
  • uglifyjs alone works for conditional compilation
  • minifyify provides additional compilation optimization but I have been unable to use conditional compilation with it

I'm using Browserify with the babelify transformer and the minifyify plugin. Here is the cmd, broken down in readable parts:

browserify src/scripts/app/index.js -o build/prod/public/assets/js/appBundle.min.js -t [ babelify --presets [ es2015 ] ] -p [ minifyify --no-map --uglify [ --compress [ --drop_console --dead_code --conditionals --unused --if_return ] --mangle --screw-ie8 --define [ DEBUG=false ] ] ]

I've gotten every setting/option to work. However, I am unable to get conditional compilation to work. Minifyify uses uglifyjs' minify method. The fact I'm passing by minifyify shouldn't really change anything.

Building directly through uglifyjs works

uglifyjs input.js --compress --dead_code --define DEBUG=false -o output.js

But then I lose the additional compressions/optimizations provided by minifyify.

I'm also open to another build process. My needs are resumed in the settings of the current process:

  • CommonJS required modules
  • transpiling of ES6 to ES5
  • advanced minification/compression

It turns out that the culprit was, more or less, uglifyjs. The property name for global definition in the task is different between CMD and Programmatic API.

  • cmd line: --define VARNAME=VALUE
  • programmatic: compress: {global_defs: { varname: value } }

That being said, it also seems that minifyify or browserify isn't passing the cmd-line options properly for global definitions - we're still investigating this

programmatic solution

By using the Browserify & minifyify programmatic API, the build task works. Below is the same task as the one in OP, but it works:

"use strict";
var browserify = require("browserify"),
    fs = require("fs");

    .transform("babelify", {presets: ["es2015"], plugins: ["transform-object-assign"]})
    .plugin("minifyify", {map: false, uglify: {
        compress: {
            drop_console: true,
            dead_code: true,
            conditionals: true,
            unused: true,
            if_return: true,
            global_defs: {
                DEBUG: false
        mangle: true,
        "screw-ie8": true

update in uglifyjs docs

I've proposed a modification to the current uglifyjs docs, providing an example using the programmatic API as above, so as to avoid this issue for others in the future.

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