I have a machine whose C:\ drive has limited space, but I have a large D:\ drive with plenty of space is it possible to change the location of the nuget package cache (I am using nuget 3.x)?


Set an environment variable NuGetCachePath with the value of the path where you want the new package cache.

Environment variable window


For nuget 3.0 and above I use the following script to redirect the packages folder to a folder in different drive for example for e:\nuget-cache as folder in another drive


rmdir /Q /S .nuget

IF NOT EXIST e:\\nuget-cache mkdir e:\\nuget-cache

mklink /D .nuget e:\\nuget-cache
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    If the user profile is not on the same disk the cd command will fail. pushd will work. – Kees C. Bakker Sep 24 '17 at 9:08

You can override the default nuget package cache folder by an environment variable:


Reference: Manage Global Packages and Cache Folder

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