I plan to run a replicated Postgresql over multiple sites. There should be two servers on every site. At the main site they should run in BDR mode. And between the sites (to the other servers) I need something like UDR. I could use BDR if it would not require full-mesh connections and would cascade the changes.

I was reading that BDR and UDR are not working well together. link
Then I have seen pglogical which looks like a UDR replacement. pglogical docs
I am using BDR Version 0.9.3 (postgresql 9.4).

Can I mix BDR with UDR the way I want?
Can I mix BDR and pglogical to achieve what I want?
What might be critical or a pitfall?
Is there any way to do this with the currently available versions? What will be the needed version and the procedure to get this working?

I was thinking about a UDR direction from the BDR servers to the other servers. But I could also imagine other peaople need it the other way around. Or some tables sync up only while others sync down only.


I tried to use BDR with pglogical.

  1. First I did the 2 node BDR setup.
  2. Verified it is working.
  3. Then I did the pglogical setup just on one BDR node.
  4. From this point on it stopped working (BDR & pglogical).

Seams like pglogical locks DDL (or maybe everything). I could not join a subscriber and I was not able to insert data on the other BDR node (DDL locked).

So at the moment it seams to be NOT possible to run BDR and pglogical on the same tables.
But there might be a workaround - or I may have done something wrong.

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