Im using CakePHP 3 along with TinyAuth plugin for authorization.

After installing TinyAuth in CakePHP 3.0 with Composer, and enabling it in AppController when I try to log in I get the following error:

Authorization adapter "TinyAuth.Tiny" was not found

This is how I initalize it in AppController:

'authorize' => [
                    'TinyAuth.Tiny' => [
                        'roleColumn' => 'role_id',
                        'rolesTable' => 'Roles',
                        'multiRole' => true,
                        'pivotTable' => 'roles_users',
                        'superAdminRole' => null,
                        'authorizeByPrefix' => false,
                        'prefixes' => [],
                        'allowUser' => false,
                        'adminPrefix' => null,
                        'autoClearCache' => true

And I load it in bootstrap.php like so:

Plugin::load('TinyAuth', []);

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in bootstrap.php try:



Plugin::load('TinyAuth', ['autoload' => true]);

Load plugins in cakephp 3

  • Plugin::load('TinyAuth', ['autoload' => true]); That was what i needed, thanks! Aug 14, 2016 at 10:00

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