I've build a RESTFul Service with Play 2.4 Scala2.11, now I want to deploy this to IBM Bluemix.

play2-war-plugin was used to package the project to a war package since Bluemix use Liberty as container.

But when I push the war package to Bluemix, I got error logs:

[ERROR ] SRVE0918E: The attempted blocking write is not allowed because the non-blocking I/O has already been started by the application registering the WriteListener [play.core.server.servlet31.Play2Servlet31RequestHandler$ResultWriteListener@d2487ee8].

I want to knwo:

  • Can Scala based PlayFramework project be deployed to IBM Bluemix?
  • Are there some better ways to package Play project to a war package?
  • In my circumstances, what can I do to confirm whether this ERROR caused by my codes or caused by the play2-war-plugin.
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You don't need to package your Play Framework application in a war file in order to deploy it to Bluemix.

Simply build your application using play dist or activator dist and then use the java_buildpack to deploy it. For example:

$ cf push play-application -p target/universal/play-application-1.0-SNAPSHOT.zip -b java_buildpack

You can see Java buildpack documentation for Play Framework here:


Just for people (like me) coming to this page now. Alex de Silva's answer works great but needs some update:

  1. Instead of the command play or activator use sbt The sbt dist or sbt stage command are described here. If you use play it won't work at all & in the case of activator--which is outdated--it will fail with some "can't find dependency" errors. Make sure you have latest version of sbt installed.
  2. The same instructions apply in any sbt-based Scala application, not just Play Framework. You just have to be sure you have the sbt-native-packager plugin set up properly in your sbt build.

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