I'm new to development in Visual Studio / TFS. I'm working on a team that uses TFVC for their version control. I created a project and then checked it in. It deployed fine at the nightly build. A week later, I made a change to one page and then checked in just that page. It seems like my change didn't take affect after their nightly build. I then noticed that the check in option was available at the folder that contained my project. So I checked it and it recognized that there were changes to be checked in.

So, if I make a small change to one page or item in a project, can't I check in just that one item? Or do I have to check it in from the top level folder?


Yes, you can check in just one item. Depending on the version of Visual Studio you're using, it's done in slightly different ways:


  1. Open Pending Changes (View -> Other Windows -> Pending Changes
  2. In the Pending Changes window, uncheck the item(s) you don't want to check in


  1. Open Team Explorer (View -> Team Explorer)
  2. Click on the Team Explorer header (Right below the Back/Forward/Home/Refresh button ribbon)
  3. Click 'Pending Changes'
  4. Under the "Included Changes", right-click the item(s) and/or folder(s) you don't want to check in and choose 'Exclude"

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