Can this be done in Visual Studio Team Services and Visual Studio Professional 2015?

Looking at this and this it seems not...

But if you check out a file [you automatically get latest version] I've noticed that you can get a specific version from here, what I haven't tested is if you can make changes to this specific version before checking back in.

Can this be done?

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Do the following:

1) Go to Tools-->Options, select Source Control-->Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. Un-check 2 options shown below. enter image description here

2) For the file you'd like to edit, select the file, right click and View History. In the history screen, select the version you would like to edit. Right click and select Get This Version.

enter image description here

3) In Solution Explorer, double click the file and it should open the version you selected in the History view.

enter image description here

4) Make your edits and Check-In. You will get a Resolve Conflicts screen. From there either Merge Changes In Merge Tool or select Keep Local Version to check in the file as is.

enter image description here

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    After doing this, I got a warning "All of the changes were either unmodified files or locks. The changes have been undone by the server. "
    – Yamcha
    Apr 17, 2018 at 22:47

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