I can't create a NT account for everyone that need access to the reports. Does anyone know or have a link to the info to allow anonymous access to reporting services reports ?



Thanks, I had tried it before but was failing, tried again and worked fine, must have missed something the first time around.

The steps are very simple:

  1. Standard install of SSRS 2005 (Integrated authentication)
  2. In IIS, duplicate the ReportingServices virtual directory and name it Public
  3. Under Public properties set Directory Security - Authentication and Access Control - to Enable Anonymous access using the IUSR_ account. Uncheck all other access types.
  4. Using the report manager, set up a folder named Public, and added the IUSR_ account to the Public directory role manager with a viewonly role. (Assuming you have already established a viewonly role as one with only the 'view reports' task enabled.)
  5. Add any other types of administrative/developer accounts

Anonymous access is no longer a simple configuration for MS SQL Reporting Services 2008. I started on that path and ended up integrating Reporting Services into our existing security system. You could follow these instructions to achieve anonymous access also.


If your server is on a windows domain you can grant access to a group eg. Domain Users


In case it may help - particularly with SSRS 2008

It depends on the autentication type you have choosen, with basic auth you may achieve this. However, if it is in corporate environment, why not use the RSWindowsKerberos, RSWindowsNegotiate, RSWindowsNTLM - as far as users are members of the domain, they use integrated authentication.

You will get better security and flexibility and consolidation of access rights. Please also don't forget to use the built in networkservices as service account for your reporter, if you use domain account you will definitely need registration of SPN at your domain controller.

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