I'm trying to do something a little different and I couldn't find any way to do it. Maybe my approach is wrong but either way I figured I might find some help here.

I have a Laravel 5 project and you know how you can get the current route name by using:


So I'm actually looking to do the exact opposite. Maybe not the exact opposite but what I need is to retrieve my route URL based on the name that I gave to that route. Here is my dream scenario.

my routes.php:

Route::any('/hos', "HospitalController@index")->name("hospital");

What I would like to do in my controller that I have no idea how to or even if is possible:

// I have no idea if this is possible but thats what I'm trying to accomplish
$my_route_url = \Request::route()->getURLByName("hospital");

echo $my_route_url; // this would echo: "/hos"

I might be using the wrong approach here so maybe you guys can help me out and shine some light on the issue.



$url = route('routeName');

if there is a param

$url = route('routeName', ['id' => 1]);



I guess you are trying to rename your route into a specify one In the web.php file

Route::get('anyroute', array('as' => 'newname', function() {
    $url = route('new_name');
    return "This is the $url";    

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