It's common to see a UISearchBar in an application, that upon a click, will enlarge and animate into view with a keyboard. I'm curious, is this something the iPhone SDK provides for free, or is the Animation code more than likely written by the developer? I use a UISearchBar in several controllers, however by default a keyboard just pops into view, the search bar does not animate in any fashion. This is also very prominent in apps that have a search icon. How is it typically done?

  • Which are some of the applications that employ the animation you're referring to?
    – codelogic
    Dec 11 '08 at 8:18

This can be easily implemented using the UISearchDisplayController using the iPhone SDK 3.0 and above.

See the TableSearch example project, included in the SDK.


There is a discussion "UISearchBar like Contacts" on this at the apple site.


Did you put it in through Interface Builder or programatically? Because by default the keyboard animation should play.

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