When I run the following test in Gallio's Icarus it passes, but when I step into it using TestDriven.NET (Test With->Debugger), it fails because the parameters are not set according to the Row attributes.

I was expecting that the method would be called once for each Row attribute applied.

What am I doing wrong? If nothing, then what do I need to do to debug these tests when they break? Should I avoid parametrized tests if they are not debuggable?

public class TestDrivenIgnoresMbUnitAttributesWhenDebugging
    public void SomeFunc(int x)
        Assert.AreNotEqual(default(int), x);

Hmm... did you install TestDriven.Net BEFORE installing Gallio?

If not, then the Gallio extensions for TestDriven.Net will not be installed. In that case, TestDriven.Net might run the test in "ad-hoc" mode with default values for its parameters.

It should be pretty to tell whether this is the case. If the Gallio extensions for TestDriven.Net are installed then you'll see a "Gallio" banner message in the Output Window during test execution. If not you may see something else like "ad-hoc".

To fix the problem, reinstall Gallio. Alternately you can use the add/remove features part of the Gallio installer then ensure that the TestDriven.Net components are selected for installation (under "Test Runners").


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