I am starting a new job next month, and they have asked me to familiarize myself with Magento.

I installed WAMP and Magento2 succesfully, and then realized later on that they had specified that I should familiarize myself with Magento1, not Magento2.

I used composer to install Magento2.

I need to uninstall 2, and install 1. I have already downloaded the .zip that I need to install 1, but I am unable to proceed - composer, when I use it to try to install Magento1, says there is "Nothing to install or update".

How do I go about uninstalling Magento2, so that I can try to install Magento1?

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You can uninstall M2 using bin/magento setup:uninstall then manually remove the files, and download and install M1.


Magento 1.x is not under composer at all, so you will have to install it manually on a web server.

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