problems to print with different fonts on my Zebra ZQ520: as described in documentation, I've downloaded some new font through the official Zebra Font Downloader program, comic and verdana. After this, I found the new fonts in E: storage area. So the script:


give me:

LIST OF FONT LINKS - DIR E:. * E:COMIC_02.CPF 7359 * E:VERDAN02.CPF 163 .... - 66589184 bytes free E: ONBOARD FLASH

and trying to print example string from font downloader program, it print with the installed font with success. The problem appens if I try to print a label. The printer seems not consider the .CPF files in ZPL commands. My tests, without success, are: 1) following the procedure indicated in https://km.zebra.com/kb/index?page=content&id=SO7891 , assigning a designator to new font, with the script:


and trying to print something as:


seems not working (is it not possible to assign a designator on .CPF files??) 2) (not working too) test, I tryed to print something with the ^A@ command, also without success. Example:


Where is the problem? with printer (updated with the last firmware, V76.19.15Z)? or ZPL can't print font stored in .CPF files? or ..?? thanks!


The ZQ500 supports multiple printing languages. It ships with the PnP string stating that it is a CPCL printer. This tells the Zebra Setup Utility to generate a CPCL compatible font (.CPF). Since you are looking to print using ZPL you need to generate a font compatible with ZPL.


This will use a different program to package a .ttf font for the printer. ZPL has support for truetype fonts so you will have better scaling of the font.

The ^CW and ^A@ commands will both work with the ttf font.

  • thanks. I found and install the program, the font generator function is accessible, but, on my system, after the dialog of "Licence Agreement" as in page 2 of the manual above mentioned, nothing appens. I try also to generate .TTE and .FNT fonts, but, the application does'nt work. – Rob Mar 4 '16 at 12:19

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