I am developing an Android application which involves generating QRCode.

I have used Zxing library to generate QRCode.

But, It takes white spaces like border around actual qrcode area as below :

enter image description here

Here in above image white spaces around qrcode is not visible, but I think it is unstandable that what i am saying about.

In IOS, It does not left white spaces as qrcode generated in android application using zxing.

Is there any other library for android that generates QRCode with no white spaces around it or wide white border around it or tell me for any other solution is possible.


Assuming you are putting the QR image into an ImageView you could add padding to give a larger border around the QR code.

  padding="10dp" />
  • Did not provided any padding.. – user5716019 Mar 4 '16 at 4:46

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