If I build any project involving CUDA code, it takes forever to compile on a modern computer.

Most of time is spent by CUDA generating dependency (*.cu.deps) files even before actual compilation begins. Every such file takes up to a few minutes to generate, and there could be many tens of them in a project. During the generation, less than 50% of one CPU core is busy and there is no noticeable disk access.

I would be grateful for any ideas how to solve this issue.

  • I see this happen to systems with particular versions of Windows. What GenerateDeps step does is to generate a preprocessor output from a .cu file using Visual Studio's cl.exe and parse it. During parsing, it checks every line that has a ':' in it and does a File.Exists check. This ends up calling exists calls on file paths like c:\\ but can do repetitive checks because the preprocessor can include multiple #include directives for a given header file. My guess is that File.Exists call heavily depends on version of the .net framework, version of the windows kernel, applied security updates. – Gunay Orbay Apr 25 '18 at 20:00

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