In Material-ui, I'd like to use

<List> and <ListItem> but have them appear horizontally.

What's the best way?


So far I have:

const flexContainer = {
  display: 'flex',
  flexDirection: 'row',
  padding: 0,

return (
  <List style={flexContainer}>

This works. Looking for a potential better answer / opinions. Should this be built in?

  • This works nicely. I'm still amazed that they don't have a built in attribute to achieve this. – Dave Howson May 21 at 15:20

After playing around

.list-horizontal-display > div {
    display: inline-block;

<List className="list-horizontal-display" >
   <ListItem leftAvatar={<Avatar icon={this.props.icon}/>}></ListItem>
   <ListItem leftAvatar={<Avatar icon={this.props.icon}/>}><ListItem>

Well, your approach will work. My question is when you want to view this on mobile. The flex direction needs to change to a column.

Will be better if used display: inline-block but the ListItem component will add a div wrapper for each item.

Will be better if ListItem is actually using the containerElement as a top level wrapper instead of the div element.

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