I'm trying to use the jMeter merger to merge the result files (http://jmeter-plugins.org/wiki/MergeResults/), but it seems the plug-in is restricted to 4 files to be merged. Any way I can merge more files (>100)?

The structure of the files seems simple enough (https://wiki.apache.org/jmeter/JtlFiles) so I am about to break bash and write my own, but wanted to know if something hadn't already been written.

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Create a jMeter output file based on your project:

jmeter -n -t ./project.jmx -l testresult.jtl

This will load the file project.jmx, run the test and save the result to testresult.jtl.

Once you have many of these result files, you can merge them using the following script:


echo "Combines all results from files called testresult*.jtl into one file called merged.jtl"
echo "If merged.jtl exists, it will be overridden"

cat testresult*.jtl > merged.jtl

# Remove boundaries between tests
sed 's_<\/testResults>__g' merged.jtl > /tmp/sedmerged1
sed 's_<?xml version=\"1.0\" encoding=\"UTF-8\"?>__g' /tmp/sedmerged1 > /tmp/sedmerged2
sed 's_<testResults version=\"1.2\">__g' /tmp/sedmerged2 > /tmp/sedmerged3

# Add wrappers
echo "</testResults>" >> /tmp/sedmerged3
sed '1i <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><testResults version="1.2">' /tmp/sedmerged3 > merged.jtl

The script will create a file called merged.jtl.


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