I am tryning to retrieve facebook feeds using this function

function getFeeds(url,page,id,count){

graph.get(url, function(err, res) {

     res.data.forEach(function(item) {
     if ( res.paging.next && count>0) setTimeout(getFeeds(res.paging.next,page,id,count-1),100)
      else {

However, this function returns this error

     if (res.paging.next  && count>0) setTimeout(getFeeds(res.paging.next,page,id,count-1),100)

TypeError: Cannot read property 'next' of undefined
    at Graph.callback (/Users/adelessafi/fb/getfeeds.js:20:20)
    at Graph.end (/Users/adelessafi/fb/node_modules/fbgraph/lib/graph.js:170:8)

I want to stop the execution of my script tjust before the error. Note that my script make a huge number of calls so I have to make a conditional breakpoint.

Thank you in advance for any entry

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You can simulate it by putting a debugger; statement in an if.

if (condition) {

Just make sure your debugger is attached.

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