I am trying to combine some of my CSS and it is kind of an easy questions but I am kind of having some trouble, i have this code:

h2.post-title, h2.post-title a{
    font:lighter 130% Georgia, Arial;

Do I need to have both of those selectors there? The only time I will be using the h2.post-title it will be a link. Any suggestions, I tried removing the first one, but it made it HUGE.



If you remove the h2 font styling, it will revert to its default font size which is pretty big. You could set it up separately:

h2.post-title {

But it will take up more space than simply setting both selectors to the same style. My advice — leave it as it is unless you have a good reason to change it.

  • Thank you, i just wasnt sure if there was a more proper way to do so.
    – Coughlin
    Dec 10 '08 at 23:41
  • This is a bad idea. The CSS won't do what it appears to do at first sight. Both the lighter font-weight and 130% font-size are relative values, so the font size you end up with won't be 130%, but 130% * 130% = 169%. The font-weight probably won't be affected, because most fonts only have two weights anyway. Also, the paddings of the h2 and a will add up to 6px.
    – mercator
    Jan 13 '11 at 12:37

The thing is that "h2.post-title a" only applyes to the <a>-element of your code. The browser uses standard css on the <h2>-tag!

Lets have a look on your HTML:

<h2 class="post-title"><a href="#">Clickable title</a></h2>

You need rules to both the <h2> and the <a>-tag. To do that, you need do include both h2 and a in the stylesheet (as you described).

A solution might be to remove the default styling of <h2>, by some of the many reset css-rules you'll find on the Internet.

An other solution would be to move the class-spesification from "h2" over to "a" (and style just the "a.post-title" attribute in CSS):

<h2><a class="post-title" href="#">Clickable title</a></h2>

Or maybe you can remove the <h2>-tag completely, just print out <a>. But this might break your semantic.

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