I'm looking for a cross-platform rich text widget that supports non-trivial markup including the following, and I wonder if Tk's text widget can be extended to do them:

  • set text background color
  • draw lines over and under text
  • draw borders around text
  • decorate content by overlaying lines and shapes (e.g., filled circles)
  • indicate items in a gutter

To give you an idea, look at the middle pane here:

enter image description here

I read a little about tags, but they seem to be limited to the basics like font, color, etc. I also read about drawing text on the canvas widget, but it looks like standard text editor-like text selection, flow, etc. would be lost.

Thanks very much.

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    What would make this relatively easy would be a transparent canvas, a canvas with background='none', that could be placed over a text widget (and scrolled in synchrony). Another tkinter questioner today really needs a text with transparent background could be placed over a canvas (and not scrolled). Would be a nice tk enhancement. – Terry Jan Reedy Mar 6 '16 at 3:26

In short, you can only do what you've read in the documentation (assuming you've read authoritative documentation).

Specifically, the text widget does not do all that you asked. You cannot do the following:

  • draw lines over and under text. You can use custom fonts with the overstrike and underline attributes turned on but there's no way to add lines over a widget, and you have no control on the visual attributes of the overstrike or underline
  • decorate content by overlaying lines and shapes (e.g., filled circles)

You can set text background and foreground colors, draw borders around the text, and put items in a gutter. For the latter you would need to use a canvas as the gutter.

Note that if you use a canvas rather than a text widget you can do all of those things (read: the text items of the canvas can be editable), but it would require a large amount of work to implement all of the bindings necessary to use it as an editor. For more information on this approach, see http://effbot.org/zone/editing-canvas-text-items.htm


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