Is it possible to use any chart modules with wxpython? And are there any good ones out there?

I'm thinking of the likes of PyCha (http://www.lorenzogil.com/projects/pycha/) or any equivalent. Many modules seem to require PyCairo, but I can't figure out if I can use those with my wxpython app.

My app has a notebook pane, and I'd like to place the chart inside it. The chart has to be dynamic -- ie the user can choose what kind of data to view -- so I'm guessing modules that make chart images are out.

Just for clarity, by charts I mean things like pies, lines and bars etc.


I recently revisited matplotlib, and am pretty happy with the results. If you're on windows, there are windows installers available to make your installation process a little less painful.

One potential drawback though is that it requires numpy to be installed.

I don't have experience with the interactivity of it, but it does support event handling.


matplotlib does embed quite well in wxpython. I have only used it in Tkinter, which went smoothly for me. I like the optional toolbar that allows direct manipulation of the plot (resizing and panning and such)


Use matplotlib. It integrates nicely with wxPython. Here's a sample of an interactive chart with wxPython and matplotlib.

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