I am trying to add a python path value to a different environment, as some script I run with another user needs it to be set.

Now, the weird thing is that when I run sudo -E, variables that I have in my env do pass on to the user I'm sudoing to- except that PYTHONPATH doesn't.


TESTVAR=testValue sudo -E bash -c 'echo $TESTVAR'

will print "testValue", but:

PYTHONPATH=testValue sudo -E bash -c 'echo $PYTHONPATH'

Won't print anything.

I'm trying to understand if there is anything special about specific variables, that sudo acts different with when passing them to a different environment.

Help will be much appreciated, Thanks.


Because PYTHONPATH is in the sudo's Default table of "bad" variables to remove from the environment (if not kept explicitly with env_keep).

From plugins/sudoers/env.c file of sudo source code:

 * Default table of "bad" variables to remove from the environment.
 * XXX - how to omit TERMCAP if it starts with '/'?
static const char *initial_badenv_table[] = {
    . (Truncated)
    "PYTHONHOME",               /* python, module search path */
    "PYTHONPATH",               /* python, search path */
    "PYTHONINSPECT",            /* python, allow inspection */
    "PYTHONUSERBASE",           /* python, per user site-packages directory */
    "RUBYLIB",                  /* ruby, library load path */
    "RUBYOPT",                  /* ruby, extra command line options */

As you can see PYTHONPATH is right in there.

The compiled binary file that implements this on runtime is /usr/lib/sudo/sudoers.so.


As heemayl said, PYTHONPATH and other variables that modify the behavior of programs (and that can be used to escalate privileges) are ignored by sudo -E.

To enable them you have two ways:

  • Explicitly pass them as arguments to sudo, like this:

    sudo PYTHONPATH=... command
  • Configure the env_keep variable of your sudoers file. For example:

    Defaults env_keep += "PYTHONPATH"

    Note that this line, being part of Defaults, may apply to all sudoers, which may not be what you want.

sudo env "PYTHONPATH=$PYTHONPATH" bash -c 'echo $PYTHONPATH'

You need env to force the passing.

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