I am developing an web app with Go. So far so good, but now I am integrating Wercker as a CI tool and started caring about testing. But my app relies heavily on Cobra/Viper configuration/flags/environment_variables scheme, and I do not know how to properly init Viper values before running my test suite. Any help would be much appreciated.

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When I use Cobra/Viper or any other combination of CLI helpers, my way of doing this is to have the CLI tool run a function whose sole purpose will be to get arguments and pass them to another method who will do the actual work.

Here is a short (and dumb) example using Cobra :

package main

import (


func main() {
        var Cmd = &cobra.Command{
                Use:   "boom",
                Short: "Explode all the things!",
                Run:   Boom,

        if err := Cmd.Execute(); err != nil {

func Boom(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) {

func boom(args ...string) {
        for _, arg := range args {
                println("boom " + arg)

Here, the Boom function is hard to test, but the boom one is easy.

You can see another (non-dumb) example of this here (and the correspond test here).


i have found an easy way to test commands with multiple level sub commands, it is not professional but it worked well.

assume we have a command like this

RootCmd = &cobra.Command{
            Use:   "cliName",
            Short: "Desc",

SubCmd = &cobra.Command{
            Use:   "subName",
            Short: "Desc",

subOfSubCmd = &cobra.Command{
            Use:   "subOfSub",
            Short: "Desc",
            Run: Exec

//commands relationship

When testing the subOfSubCmd we can do this way:

func TestCmd(t *testing.T) {
convey.Convey("test cmd", t, func() {
    args := []string{"subName", "subOfSub"}

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