This is a dumb sounding question, but I've tried to find an answer digging through FAQs and forums, and came up short.

Just like you can use tel: in hyperlinks for mobile browsers, you can set a link to start a call with Skype's software with:

<a href="skype:15555555">Call This Number</a>

Is there any way to do anything similar with Google Voice? Or, as of recent, Gmail? Or the Google/voice/chat/whatever plugin? It seems they're really trying to solder a lot of their projects together, and I understand there's nothing like a desktop software package, until/unless they decide to overhaul their 'Google Talk' to support VoIP calling.

But, surely, with all of this stuff going live, there's a way to just link a phone number manually. No little API? Can't send POST/GET somewhere?


Simulating the HTTP POST requests needed to initate Google Voice calls and SMS is pretty easy and there are a few tools/utilities around that do it. A couple of C# classes I wrote to do exactly that job are GoogleVoiceCall and GoogleVoiceSMS.

To do the equivalent from a HTML page the best bet would be to use javascript/jquery. The sample C# classes should show be easy enough to follow as to the mechanism and which parameters need to be sent in the POST requests.


Here's an API for python: http://code.google.com/p/pygooglevoice/

Java: http://code.google.com/p/google-voice-java/

C#/.NET: http://sourceforge.net/projects/gvoicedotnet/

I think there's an API in Ruby also. You basically need to login to your google voice and extract the "API KEY", then use the API.

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