I am using Unity and MVC5 .NET 4.6

  • I have a data service.
  • It depends on a repository.
  • Which in turn depends on a connection.

The connection requires a username/token to make a connection OR a user/application guid to make a connection to a data source.

Both MVC controllers and Web API use the data service, but the data service should not care about how it is being used.

  • When I used an MVC controller the username and a token is is in the claim.
  • When a connected application uses the API it must pass in the user GUID and application GUI.

When I inject the data service to the controller Unity news up all the dependencies, data service with a repository injected and the repository the connection injected.

The question is what is the best pattern for getting the variables for the user to the connection from the current controller?

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You can configure two different containers, one for MVC and one for Web API. Or, if you have a service that needs to be shared between MVC and Web API (e.g. a singleton service), you can create two Child Containers (call container.CreateChildContainer()) of the container you already have and only register the connection in the Child Containers. You can then make a distinction between which connection is used for MVC and for Web API.

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