I'm trying to find the replacement for kicker.bundle that was found in /System/Library/SystemConfiguration in OS X pre 10.5 (Leopard). I can't seem to find any sort of official documentation on the matter. Does anyone know what the replacement is?

Thanks, k.


A group of system administrators created “crankd” as an alternative to kicker.xml. You can find it as part of PyMacAdmin at:


Crankd can “execute Python code or a shell script in response to many system events: network changes, filesystem activity, application launching, etc.”


I've spent a fair amount of time looking for a solution. Doesn't seem like there is a direct replacement for kicker.bundle and kicker.xml to help launch a script when a network change occurs. That said I have found another solution that will probably do the trick:




The Apple source code to configd contains a kicker plugin, I tried to compile it but it loads with some kind of circular reference error. Maybe some slick programmer could figure it out.

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