I am investigating QField application on QT-Creator 3.5.1 (Based on Qt 5.5.1). QT-creator is installed on Ubuntu 15.10 on VMWare machine on Windows 10.

The application compiles, builds and runs (on debug or release modes) perfectly.

However, to investigate the code more thoroughly, I need to be able to debug the source files, but I can not. I make sure that I am on "Debug" mode and that I hit "Start Debugging" button.

Qt-Creator keeps skipping the breaking points and continues to load the android app on my tablet and functions normally without any stopping.

Here is the .pro file

TEMPLATE = subdirs
CONFIG += ordered
CONFIG += c++11

SUBDIRS += 3rdparty
SUBDIRS += src

I even added CONFIG += debug line as some suggested, but makes no difference.

Here is "Tools-->Option-->Build & Run-->Debuggers" screenshot:

enter image description here

I would like to be able to debug the code, but how ? please help.

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