Although I love lombok, it gives too much problems while configuring sometimes, specially in Linux. When I was trying to install it, I was getting the following error:enter image description here

I tried to set it up manually,as suggested here https://github.com/rzwitserloot/lombok/issues/95 but that didn't work out either. Any suggestions?

  • I have update the same on the following link.

Lombok not generating getter and setter STS

enter image description here

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    I followed the steps above, then start sts, mvn clean install, ran my application and it worked – Janet Aug 11 '17 at 1:49
  • @Janet - I followed all the steps properly, still its not working for me. Any idea why? – PAA Sep 30 '17 at 19:37
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    In case of not working, please change lombok version.And try again – GoutamS Nov 21 '17 at 14:39
  • After above steps make sure to RESTART STS and then check in STS: "Help > About Spring Tool Suit" then scroll to the bottom of section and you should see something like: "Lombok v1.16.22 "Envious Ferret" is installed. projectlombok.org" thanks GoutamS – ASH Jun 19 '18 at 13:17
  • @Prateek see my answer below: stackoverflow.com/a/51431101/934307 – mystarrocks Jul 19 '18 at 20:24

I found a bug in Lombok's code. As they fixed it for STS in this commit:


where they were always adding the end directory name twice. So for a work around I renamed my installation folder with same name as my parent folder.

Now while selecting the installation directory I'll choose the outer folder.

New installation directory: /home/ansh/softwares/sts/sts

New selected location for lombok: /home/ansh/softwares/sts


Double-click lombok.jar (downloadable from this site, or from your maven repository; it's the same jar).

This starts the eclipse/STS installer which will find eclipse (and eclipse variants as listed above), and offers to install lombok into these eclipse installations. The same tool can also uninstall lombok. Source: https://projectlombok.org/setup/eclipse


I had this problem despite successfully installing lombok and restarting STS, so:

  • shutting down STS and
  • starting it

worked (as opposed to restarting it). See this: http://codeomitted.com/setup-lombok-with-stseclipse-based-ide/


I installed the lombok by double click on the jar file, and selecting the spring tool suite IDE. Even after restart of IDE and rebuild of project after adding the jar manually to the project build path, the outline did not show up the getters and setters. Then placed the lombok jar file inside plugin folder of Spring tool suite, and restarted. The getter and setter started showing up in the class Outline window as below: enter image description here


Follow these steps:

  1. download lombok from https://projectlombok.org/download
  2. double click on lombok.jar and specify the path of your ide and click install.
  3. Restart your ide.
  4. clean your project. If you are using eclipse or sts, click on Project->clean..

For whom the installer is throwing error while installation, this can be installed manually by following below steps.

  1. First close the STS.
  2. Copy lombok-x.xx.xx.jar from ~/.m2 repository. (E.g. ~\.m2\repository\org\projectlombok\lombok\1.16.14\lombok-1.16.14.jar)
  3. Rename the copied jar to lombok.jar and paste it in STS home directory right beside STS launcher exe (E.g. D:\spring-tool-suite-3.9.0.RELEASE-e4.7.0-win32-x86_64\sts-bundle\sts-3.9.0.RELEASE\)
  4. Open STS.ini (Name of this file can be different based on the STS version) and write -javaagent:lombok.jar line in the end .
  5. Restart STS
  6. Go to help>About Spring Tool Suit and check. You will see a message like "Lombok v1.16.14 "Candid Duck" is installed. https://projectlombok.org/"
  7. For any existing project error, RCL on the project, Go to Maven>Update Project.

For the STS on Mac OSX, choose the .ini file, not the .exe file.

This is the path on my Macbook.


It worked like a charm.

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