I am making a Choropleth Map consisting of 799 regions, colored by score value, so I was wondering if I could add ranking of each region dynamically into a tooltip.

For example : "This region : #1 of #799" etc...

Part of my data which are in a csv :

region | score
  a    |  0.5
  b    |  1.2
  c    |  3.7
  d    |  1
  e    |  2.3

There is probably no out-of-the-box solution. But this is quite straight forward.

You would need to perform a "preprocessing" step in order to determine the ranking, then you could add this data into your regions popup for example.

  1. Fill an array with your regions data.
  2. Sort the array using a compare function that uses your score.
  3. Fill the regions layer popup with the index (+1) of the region within the array, of the length of the array.
  • i'll try this, thanks – JulienJ Mar 8 '16 at 9:02

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