Is there way to map e.g. F9 in .vimrc to toggle fold all/unfold all folds?


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In your .vimrc file:

Use the following command to set your desired keystroke (change <C-F5> which is Ctrl+F5 to the combination you like):

noremap <C-F5> :call UnrolMe()<CR>

The function UnrolMe() toggles all unrolling (i.e. it subsequently calls zR and zM commands)

let $unrol=0
function UnrolMe()
if $unrol==0
    :exe "normal zR"
    let $unrol=1
    :exe "normal zM"
    let $unrol=0

Change zR and zM to the unrolling commands of your choice (see https://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/442438-vim-tips-folding-fun for the list of commands). Hope this helps

  • Nice one, does the job!
    – Anthony
    Mar 7, 2016 at 13:37

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