I'm trying to send and receive packets with scapy and read the RadioTap Header. The wireless adapter (and driver) is able to handle those headers, but I can't seem to get them.

Whenever I send a normal packet in scapy, is does not contain such a header (thus, sniffing packets and checking one with pkt.haslayer(RadioTap) returns "0", and I am not able to display the header like with pkt[RadioTap].show() ). If I explicitely construct my packets with a RadioTap header (like in a pkt = RadioTap() and view it, I can get a RadioTap header, but it is empty. After sending it and receiving it, I can get still nothing.

I read posts like this one: Scapy - retrieving RSSI from WiFi packets. But I don't have the problem that the RadioTap header doesn't get decoded, it's simply not filled with anything.

I'm using scapy 2.3.1, if this makes any difference. Any ideas?

  • Can you post the output of pkt.show()? – Pierre Mar 8 '16 at 15:09
  • 1
    For clarification: 1/ Do we agree that radiotap are not actual parts of the packet send in the air, but rather meta-informations associated to the packet by the capture process? (and thus it is not really up to you to setup these, and it's not surprising you see something else when sniffing from another process or machine) and 2/ Just to be sure: do we agree that in order to get a radiotap info on the packets, you must use an interface in monitor mode (as opposed to both normal or promiscuous mode) – jbm Mar 9 '16 at 9:33

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