Why can't I define new functions when I run pdb?

For example take myscript.py:

print "Hello World"
print "I see you"

If I run python -m pdb myscript.py and try to interactively define a new function:

def foo():

I get the error:

*** SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing (<stdin>, line 1)

Why is this?

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    Use ipdb instead for multiline support – wim Mar 7 '16 at 19:26

You can define your function in a one line statement using ; instead of indentation, like this:

(Pdb) def foo(): print 'Hello world'; print 'I see you'
(Pdb) foo()
Hello world
I see you

I don't think it supports multi-line input. You can workaround by spawning up an interactive session from within pdb. Once you are done in the interactive session, exit it with Ctrl+D.

>>> import pdb
>>> pdb.set_trace()
(Pdb) !import code; code.interact(local=vars())
In : def foo():
...:     print('hello in pdb')
In : # use ctrl+d here to return to pdb shell...
(Pdb) foo()
hello in pdb

i was able to import python modules from the pdb command line.

if you can import python modules, then you should be able to define your functions in a file and just do an import of the file.

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