I am trying to run bash on heroku to test it out and it is failing

 $ heroku run bash
 ▸    Error: No app specified
 ▸    Usage: heroku run --app APP
 ▸    We don't know which app to run this on.
 ▸    Run this command from inside an app folder or specify which app to use with --app APP
 ▸    https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/using-the-cli#app-commands

 $ heroku run --app bash
 ▸    Usage: heroku run COMMAND
 ▸    Example: heroku run bash

So, the example says heroku run bash will work but it doesn't. I have no dynos running. I feel I am missing something basic here...

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Try run commands:

First you need to login, then you to see your apps and finally run bash

heroku login

Insert you user and password

heroku apps
=== [email protected] Apps

then look at the list apps and write

heroku run bash --app myaplication 

You could also do this: get app name using;

heroku apps

then set heroku remote;

heroku git:remote -a yourappname

and finally run bash on/in your app

heroku run bash

I think you have two issues.

Firstly, you need to run bash within some app. You can either specify the app via the --app key as the help actually says or you can run this command inside the folder which has a heroku app initialized already. For connecting the folder to a heroku app - see this answer How to link a folder with an existing Heroku app.

Second, running a bash actually takes away one dyno from your app. So you need to have at least one dyno.


Try this command:

heroku pg:psql -a appname
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