I recently had to format my Mac and lost all my Ti sdks. After Reinstalling Appcelerator Studio I currently have only Ti SDK 5.2.0.GA available which is causing my app to crash on devices having Android Marshmallow which didn't happen on 5.0.0.GA or below. Is there anyway I can install the previous version of Titanium SDK's and use it.


The easiest way, via CLI (command line interface).

Get the SDK titanium list

appc ti sdk list

Install titanium SDK

appc ti sdk install [<version>] [--default] [--force] [--branch <branch name>]

ex : appc ti sdk install 8.2.1.GA

Available SDK with appc

enter image description here

Appc info here


Above solution is correct, But for above steps you want appc username and password. If you dont have user name and password then try next command.

titanium sdk enter image description here

titanium sdk install 5.2.0

after installing check

titanium sdk enter image description here

If you downloaded sdk from other sources and now you have to put sdk in your titanium path then go to following path

/Users/rahul/Library/Application Support/Titanium/mobilesdk

and place your downloaded sdk in above folder. enter image description here

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