I'm half expecting there to be a special comment or option somewhere to selectively apply or suppress the TypeScript compiler option --noImplicitAny for some files / classes and that I just can't find information about it.

For context, I'm using VS Code and tsc installed via npm. I know about the tsconfig.json file and actually have it configured with "noImplicitAny": true

It works great, and it forces us to be specific about our types - the point of TypeScript after all. However, there are a few select scenarios where we are accepting in 3rd-party code that does not have the requisite explicit types, and are therefore tripping the compiler error.

We would like to suppress the compiler option / check for just those classes/functions/files without turning the option off globally in the tsconfig.json. Similarly to telling a linter to disable a certain rule with comments is what I'm hoping for.

Just splatting <any> casts or : any type information is not feasible as it's 3rd party and subject to updates.

Is there such an option / feature available?

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