I am looking for a solution for pocketsphinx for a long time. I tried everything apt-get remove pulseaudio -y aptitude purge pulseaudio -y apt-get install bison -y cd /usr/install tar -xvf sphinxbase-0.8.tar.gz cd sphinxbase-0.8 ./configure make make install tar -xvf pocketsphinx-0.8.tar.gz cd pocketsphinx-0.8 ./configure make make install There is no file /etc/modprob.d/alsa-base.config so I updated /usr/shared/alsa/alsa.config uncommenting load card-specific configuration files (on request) and also /lib/modprob.d/aliases.conf commenting options snd-usb-audio index=-2 Every try from various resources I have done. I can record arecord -f cd -D plughw:1,0 -d 20 test.wav and play the same file using aplay test.wav my soundcards are 0 [ALSA ]: bcm2835 - bcm2835 ALSA bcm2835 ALSA 1 [CAMERA ]: USB-Audio - USB2.0 PC CAMERA ARKMICRO USB2.0 PC CAMERA at usb-3f980000.usb-1.2,high speed Every supported libraries are downloaded(Dont'know how many) but still It is not working. I am using raspbian jessie image.


It is not recommended to use pocketsphinx-0.8, pocketsphinx-5prealpha is much more accurate.

Audio device for recording is specified with -adcdev option:

  pocketsphinx_continuous -inmic yes -adcdev plughw:1,0

You can also configure alsa to use plughw:1,0 as default recording device, in that case you would not need -adcdev

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