I used slick js for slider view of image.

Here is my code.

<div class="slider_wrap add-remove">
    <%= f.fields_for :images do |image_form| %>
      <%#= render 'images_fields', :f => image_form %>
          <%= image_tag image_form.object.picture.url,:class=>"drop_down_link even img_prev" %>
        <div class="image_upload_div">
          <div class="image-upload">
              <i class="fa fa-cloud-upload">
                <%= image_form.file_field :picture ,:'data-role'=>"none",:onchange=>"readURL(this);" , :accept => 'image/jpeg , image/png' %>
    <% end %>
    <%= f.link_to_add "Add a picture", :images ,:id=>"add_pic" ,:class=>"js-add-slide", :style=>"display: none;"%>

function silder(){
    slideIndex = 0;
        slidesToShow: 2,
        slidesToScroll: 2
      $('.js-add-slide').on('click', function() {

      $('.js-remove-slide').on('click', function() {
function readURL(input) {
  if (input.files && input.files[0]) {
    var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = function (e) {
      .attr('src', e.target.result)


    }, 100);

Now with this code I got slider working, but its not coming proper I am getting error:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'add' of null

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    It happens when you try to load slick twice on the same element. It seems same thing happening in your implementation.
    – Venkat Ch
    Mar 9 '16 at 7:11
  • @VenkatCh when i trigger addslide function it will add multiple slide in my code i dont know y this is happening. if you know please help me to come out from this. Mar 10 '16 at 6:28

That's due to calling init twice. This works without error:


Also, "silder" looks like a typo.

Relying on a timeout is also error-prone. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer uses a different event to tell you when the HTML elements and JS libraries have been loaded. There are many libraries to avoid the 100 or so lines of cross-browser code, but the popular and relatively small jQuery solves the timing issue like this:

$(function() {
  // Handler for .ready() called. Put the Slick Slider etc. init code here.
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    Worked for me also. Thank you Cees!! Aug 15 '18 at 20:01
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    $(".slider").not('.slick-initialized').slick() where should is write this code ? Sep 2 '19 at 10:07
  • @ManishGoswami Any place after your slider HTML element and slick library have been loaded. I've added a jQuery example. Sep 2 '19 at 13:16
  • Brilliant! Thank you so much! Nov 14 '19 at 15:48
  • @CeesTimmerman where should I write this code, your link display 404 competa.com/blog/…
    – MageDev
    Sep 11 '20 at 10:12

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