I am upgrading my app from rails 2 to 3 and when i 'require' this file that has an email address validator i get an 'invalid multibyte escape' error with:

dtext = '[^\\\\x80]'
pattern = /\A#{dtext}\z/

Any thoughts?

  • Got me the whole picture? – Reactormonk Aug 27 '10 at 23:54

Try using:

pattern = /\A#{dtext}\z/, nil, 'n'

Check out details on encodings and regexp for more.

And I use and recommend this awesome article on encodings in Ruby.


Modify the rfc822.rb file and change the addr_spec line to the following:

addr_spec = Regexp.new("#{local_part}\\x40#{domain}", nil, 'n')

That should resolve the issue. I got the solution from another gem, see https://github.com/saepia/rfc822/blob/master/lib/rfc822.rb

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