I am searching for something like this extension for VS Code. Any suggestion?


Finally, we have the code mini-map feature in the February 2017 release (1.10)!

To enable it, open your editor settings and add the following

"editor.minimap.enabled": true

This is a top request in User Voice. Currently not implemented in product nor as an extension.


Finally! Version 1.10 brings this long missing feature. Official announcement

No need to edit any settings! It's enabled by default.


Additional settings in Minimap (For love of Minimap):

1) to render blocks instead of characters for better visualization on the Minimap:


2) highlight slider on the map:

"editor.minimap.showSlider": "always"

You can track an open issue here. They recently launched a beta version of the minimap with the last insider release. Have a look, it looks great! Link to visual studio code

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